Screen love

Another innocuous mobile screen lighting up a face near you or in this particular instance one evening down Little Lonsdale st. I liked this apt description of the word innocuous from the dictionary - Something that is innocuous is not at all harmful or offensive. Both mushrooms look innocuous but are in fact deadly. See more at jmphototours


For Mutual Good

Some jobs are a joy to photograph, and this commission was one of those, it was a pleasure working with journalist and publisher Adam McNicol Ten Bag Press, photographing for a book about the seventy year history of ‘Credit Union Australia’ (CUA), called 'For Mutual Good’  

Sounds dry doesn't it, but as we traveled up and down the east coast of Australia meeting many past and present staff it soon became apparent that this was not going to be some dull tale about about a load of mergers and acquisitions (of which there were plenty) that led to the creation of CUA but rather the story of how 171 credit unions, some with their origins starting in peoples lounge rooms, came together over 70 years to form Australia’s largest member-owned financial institution - this as it turned out was an interesting corporate story with plenty of heart!