© Jaime Murcia

© Jaime Murcia

The workshop starts at 10:00am from Street HQ in the CBD and finishes at 4pm.

Minimum 4 participants for the class.


Much of the day is focused on developing your skills and building your confidence as a street photographer. 

Morning Session

• The day starts 10.00am at Street HQ with coffee, introductions and a discussion about our objectives for the day.

• I will discuss the ethics and law of street photography, including how to deal with challenges or questions from the public.

• You will be introduced to the techniques used by professional street photographers with tuition and guidance on the craft of street photography, and how to optimise your camera settings for street photography.

• You will be coached in developing techniques to help improve your observational skills and what to look for when out on the streets.

• We will then head out onto the streets for up to two intensive hours of street photography.

• Because our group is small (maximum of six), there’s plenty of time for individual tuition and coaching from me when we are out on the street and I encourage people to ask questions.

 Working Lunch

• We'll head back to HQ for some lunch and discuss the morning’s exploits, share our experiences and talk about the techniques we found most useful.

Afternoon Session

• The afternoon will be spent building on the morning’s tuition, coaching and experiences, putting into practice some new techniques and ways of working.

• There will be two further assignments during the afternoon session, each set to build on the practical foundations developed during the morning session..

• This session will be focused on ensuring we have met the brief and have a set of images we are proud to put our names to.

The wrap up

• At the end of the day, we retire back to HQ and have a debrief over a drink, bringing all our experiences together in the form of a group discussion and Q&A session, at this time those who want to can have their images downloaded for discussion in a supportive group environment for review and feedback from Jaime, or you'll be able to send through images at a later time for review and feedback from Jaime.